To you, The Reader

Praise is due to Allah and may the peace and blessings be upon His Prophet Muhammad, his Companions and followers all until the Day of Resurrection.

I am happy to introduce to all readers this new book by Sheikh and researcher Abdurrahman Al Sheha. This is a book unlike any other of it's nature. The book is about Islam, but it takes you to a variety of subjects and issues at the same time. You do not have to read it all. But you may enjoy the facts, figures and ideas of one or more of the issues well put into this magazine looking book.

I was not sure of how Mr. Al Sheha wanted his readers to see this book. Yet, he was so confident that people will be attracted to this new style in books supplied with many images and illustrations because of the many pressing questions people have on their minds about Islam and Islamic matters, and still do not have the time to read extensively on those subjects.

The natural religion of God Almighty is so clear in its resources ( i.e. the Quran and the traditions of Prophet Muhammad ( peace be upon him). Yet many people have not read Islam with open minds and hearts. There are countless false accusations about Islam. Some think that if a Muslim does something wrong, it must be Islam that has asked him to do so. Wrong !! God does not call people to do evil, mischief or commit wrong doings.

We need to discover Islam in its purity, entirety and from its authentic sources.

I am calling every reader to walk around in the gardens of this book and I hope they will rest under a tree or quench their thirst from one of its spring waters.

On to what I found to be a thrilling, fulfilling and smooth trip through the garden of Islam put before us by a dedicated researcher in the Islamic studies.

Dr. Ahmad Turkistani
Associate Professor at-Imam University,
Researcher and lecturer on Islam and Interfaith dialogues
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

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