Quran on the Darkness and Upper levels of Space

Sun Eclipse
This is a picture of the sun during an eclipse, which proves that the universe is engulfed in darkness.

Allah says:

(And even if We had opened to them a gateway to heaven and they had ascended, on and on, up to it, they would surely say (in the evening): "Our eyes have been (as if) dazzled (we have not seen any angel or heaven). Nay, we are a people bewitched!) (15:14)

This similitude is amazing, it presents a universal fact which man was previously ignorant of, and only discovered during the age of space exploration in the sixties. The entire universe is engulfed in darkness. Light visible on earth is observed for two hundred kilometers, beyond that, the sun appears a blue disc.

Thin Day
Figure illustrates the thinness of the day layer opposite to the sun with the thickness of two hundred kilometers. While the rest of the earth is observed in total darkness.

Darkness is to be witnessed in every direction, due to the rarity of water vapor and dust particles. Far removed is Allah from every imperfection Who informed us of this reality.