Islamic Perspective on Sex


Islam considers sex an essential human need which need not be suppressed, rather satisfied in a proper manner. It is not something looked down upon disdainfully and a thing a person must refrain from.

Islam has set certain laws by which it is controlled and through which one can satisfy this need. One is not to satisfy this in an animalistic or lustful uncontrolled manner; it should be satisfied through marriage.

The ultimate goal of marriage in Islam is to achieve psychological and emotional stability for both spouses.

Allah says:

(They are Libas (i.e. body cover, or screen or Sakan [i.e. you enjoy the pleasure of living with them]) for you and you are the same for them.) (2:187)

Islam safeguards the individual and society by forbidding everything which excites the sexual desire for fear that a person would commit fornication or sodomy either willingly or forcefully (i.e. rape).

This of course would result in illegitimate children proliferating in society, who have no parents to raise them morally. They would then emerge in society as a group who harbor animosity and hate towards others. Also, diseases would spread across society.

Allah says:

(And come not near to the unlawful sexual intercourse. Verily it is a Fahishah (a great sin and an evil way that leads one to Hell).) (17:32)