Islamic Calligraphy

The Divine Religion, Islam is complete in all aspects; it is the constitution for a happy life in this world, and an eternal and everlasting one in the Hereafter. You may find some deviated manners or faults in the way Muslims deal with themselves and others, but know that Islam has nothing to do with these short comings.

This may be due to their ignorance of the religion or weakness in their faith which leads them to do what you see, so do not judge Islam according to what you may experience from some of its followers. This small publication should be regarded as a key to start researching the Truth, but must be accompanied with the following traits:

  • 1. One should remove any individual desires or religious biases from his/her mind.
  • 2. One should have a true desire to reach and know the Truth and not hunt for faults and errors.
  • 3. One should think independently and should not merely judge with something because others have.

All Praise is due to Allah alone, the Lord of the Worlds

And may Allah exalt the mention of His Prophet and his household and render him safe from every derogatory thing If you would like to receive more information about Islam, do not hesitate to contact us.